About us

The company SeitzDruck is one of the leading industrial printers in Germany. 

For more than thirty years SeitzDruck has been providing prime quality in industrial printing.

The company was founded in 1985 by Johann Seitz in Buxheim; in 2006 the company relocated to Ingolstadt, and in 2007 Bernd and Norbert Seitz took over the company; in 2013 a new expanded production location at Koesching near Ingolstadt was moved into.

We at SeitzDruck have specialized in tampon printing and hot-foil embossing. In both production techniques we implement the entire spectrum from prototype production to serial large productions.

Since 2007 our company has been DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified, which means that our customer can be guaranteed premium quality and high process safety. In an optimized quality management we see real added value.

SeitzDruck - your specialist for pad printing

What we do

We consider us a competent partner for industry for the marking and identification of technical components. The main application area is the application of pictograms, warnings and trademarks.

Already during the development of new products SeitzDruck supports their customers regarding the feasibility and readiness for serial production of the required markings.

We maintain open communications between our suppliers and our customers – transparency and competence are our main concern!

Our innovative spirit and the close collaboration with our customers ensure a continuous development of our product portfolio.

At the same our machinery is constantly updated and adapted to the state of the art ensuring highest quality and the implementation of even the most intricate requirements for the benefit of our customers. All our actions are solution-oriented!

SeitzDruck - your competent partner in industrial printing

What we want

Our customers recommend us as a highly competent and reliable partner when it comes to printing on technical components. This means we are enjoying a sustainable corporate growth and the continuous enhancement of our market position.

The convincingly continuous quality of our products makes us the market leaders in tampon printing and hot embossing. We therefore create added value for our business partners, associates and staff.

For us the customer is a main interest, but we see in all the human being and person.

Our success results not only from the close collaboration with our customers and partners, but essentially from the competence and reliability of our staff. As a family-run enterprise we are aware of our social and general responsibility to remain sustainable and economical in all activities, but also to secure jobs on a long-term basis.

printing on technical parts