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SeitzDruck – our company heritage

SeitzDruck – our company heritage In 1985 Johann Seitz founding the book-binding workshop as a one-man enterprise in Buxheim and purchased his first embossing machine for the finishing of book covers. In 1986 the first tampon printing press followed, initiating the entry into industrial printing and in 1989 the first hot embossing semi-automat follow for the production of serial hot embossing products.

In 1990 Johann Seitz was able to expand the production and office facilities and in 1991 the first large series orders for hot-foil embossing for the automobile industry were accepted. A continuous expansion of the machinery pool by two single colour tampon printing presses and two embossing machines followed in 1997, and one year later the first large series order for tampon printing for the automobile industry was accepted.

In 2002 several dual colour tampon printing presses were added to the machinery pool. Two years later Norbert Seitz joined the company as CEO. First large series orders from the cosmetic industry followed, and in 2005 first serial orders were received from the electronics industry.

2006 marked a very special year for SeitzDruck – the company relocated to new business and production premises in Ingolstadt, and the incorporation was changed to SeitzDruck GbR with the associate partners Johann Seitz and Norbert Seitz. In the same year they were awarded first serial contracts from the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and a six-colour tampon printing press was acquired.

In 2007 Bernd Seitz joined the company as CEO, and in the same year the company quality management system was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. At the same time first trainees for industrial commercial clerk were admitted and the first process audit for the automobile industry was carried out. In 2008 first orders were taken for large series from the white goods (household appliances) industry.

In 2009 SeitzDruck initiated the national German-wide pilot project “Training for media technology screen printing – additional qualification tampon printing”. First orders from the garden industry were awarded. In 2010 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company foundation and the first re-certification according to ISO 9001:2008. Two years later a new trainee joined the SeitzDruck team. ¾ automation with turning unit for large series from the cosmetic industry was designed and commissioned this year, and also training was begun in the field “Media technology screen printing – additional qualification tampon printing”.

In 2013 it was time to relocate again, into new production facilities, in order to satisfy the increasing demand and to make the company fit for the future. At the new location the re-certification ISO 9001-2008 was awarded.

In 2014 SeitzDruck was awarded a large series production order from a major white goods manufacturer, so the machine pool was expanded by a six colour and a four colour tampon printing press.

As per January 1, 2015 the company was re-incorporated as SeitzDruck OHG, again with the equal executive partners Bernd Seitz and Norbert Seitz. The production capacity was expanded and so was the machinery pool, the latter another six colour and two four colour tampon printing presses, as well as another two colour one. Development of a clean space production facility was continued. Three trainees in the field media technology screen printing were also employed, in order to secure our work for the future. Major project starts in 2015: Tampon printing on testing devices and network plugs (electrical engineering), tampon imprints on exterior covers (automotive), décor foil embossing for the tool industry.

Our internet presence was updated and made available in two languages.