What possibilities do pad printing and hot foil stamping offer?

Both printing processes offer a wide range of possibilities for high-quality surface treatment and finishing. They are excellently suited for the application of symbols, pictograms, warnings and brand logos on buttons, switches, housings and other three-dimensional parts. Thanks to the tampon printing, even convex or concave shaped workpieces can be printed with the tampon printing, thanks to the adaptability of the tampon to the respective workpiece. Even unevenness or surfaces with a coarse structure do not constitute an obstacle to high-quality design. No other printing process can offer a metallic gloss level comparable to that of hot foil stamping. The surfaces of the printed parts are given a noble appearance, even the finest curves or embossing with a haptic effect can be achieved. The strengths of both printing processes include the wide range of design possibilities and the excellent quality of the print result.