hot-foil embossing
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hot-foil embossing on radiator grille
printing with hot-foil embossing

Hot-foil embossing

Do you want products with a special finish or metallic effects, or convince your customers with prime quality and refined surfaces? SeitzDruck will provide you with the best conditions for hot-foil embossing and stamping!

Hot-foil embossing is perfect for embossing or stamping of technical components, whether small series, large series or also prototypes. We are specialized in refining and finished plastics and other materials and can offer highest quality. Based on our many years of experience in hot-foil embossing we at SeitzDruck are experts in this field, and you have come to the right supplier.

If you have any questions regarding hot-foil embossing we will gladly send you more information!

Hot-foil embossing – how does it work?

The embossing process is based on the historical blind embossing technique, which is a deformation of the material without the application of ink, a routine process for hundreds of years used on leather or paper. Relief embossing is similar, but involves more effort because the writing or a logo appears to be rising out of the surrounding surface. Round shapes and fine borders are possible in relief embossing, enhancing the haptic experience.

In order to achieve a coloured embossing a foil is placed between the material to be printed on and the stamp, which is transferred by pressure and heat.

This is the special feature and also the great advantage of hot-foil embossing: a metallic sheen can be achieved, which is impossible with regular liquid inks and conventional printing processes. In addition, no drying or curing times are needed because the plasticisation occurs already during the actual embossing process.

A metal stamp with the motive engraved as a relief is used for embossing, and the stamp is pressed onto the material to be printed on. Therefore, hot-foil embossing is classified as a relief printing process.

If you have any questions regarding hot-foil embossing we will gladly send you more information!