Pad printing – by your specialist SeitzDruck

You want to print on uneven or rough surfaces? You want to have decorations and logos printed perfectly on any kind of surface? Pad printing is the answer. Upgrade your products with brilliant colours and highest quality!

Pad printing provides for best printing quality with precise contours, where other printing processes fail miserably. And SeitzDruck is your partner for anything around tampon printing – our many years of experience offer unlimited possibilities, which would, with conventional processes, be either impossible or otherwise excessively expensive. We are your specialist partner for reproducible 4c Euro Scale printing – let us convince you!

Printing is possible on almost any surface, with virtually all colours of the spectrum – through pad printing. Our experience, technical expertise and efficient processes directly inside the company ensure shortest possible production and delivery times as well as highest quality.

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Areas of application for pad printing

Digital printing, offset printing, screen printing - most people will be familiar with these terms. In tampon printing, things look a little different, although products refined with this process accompany us every day.

Lever, controls, switches in cars or household appliances, computer keyboards, lighters, ballpoint pens, - all these things and much more are labelled almost exclusively by tampon printing or provided with symbols and logos. The materials used are plastics and metals - the two main focuses of SeitzPrinting, but also wood, cardboard, paper and glass, whereby the surface can be smooth, roughened or structured in some other way.

Pad printing – how it works

Pad printing is one of the most important industrial printing processes, optimized in the past forty years and perfected – and we are your expert partners in everything concerning pad printing!

How does pad printing work? On a smooth plate (cliché) an engraving is etched (either with acid, photo-gravure or laser). A scraper floods the gravure cliché with ink in the grooves. The excessive ink is scraped off by the scraper and an ink film remains in the grooves. The silicon tampon picks up the sticky ink from the engraving and transfers it in the respective pattern onto the goods to be printed on. Because of the flexibility and elasticity of the silicon mass of the tampon the ink will be precisely transferred onto the possibly uneven surface the object to be printed on.

Pad printing is the best and most convenient procedure to print something on uneven or curved shapes. Another advantage is the preciseness of the contours, which cannot be achieved with any other printing process. Particularly, the selection of the right tampon (shape, size, surface properties and hardness) and the pressure force of the machine make all the difference when producing a neat imprint – all supported by the decades of SeitzDruck experience!

Depending on the material to be printed on the pad printing procedure includes a variety of finishing methods (corona activation, flame curing etc.) to ensure a long-lasting print quality.

Because of the engraving on the cliché the tamping printing technique is classified as a gravure or intaglio printing process. Because the ink is transferred by means of a tampon or pad it is an indirect printing process.

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