Plastic printing - SeitzDruck guarantees high-quality results

Modern printing processes offer solutions for almost all tasks. There are machines and the necessary know-how for each mould and material. We at SeitzDruck specialize in pad printing (tampon printing) and hot foil stamping. These refinement forms are excellently suited for the direct application of pictograms, inscriptions, markings, brand logos or warnings on a wide variety of components. With our technology, we are able to print on all plastics and subject them to appropriate pre-treatment and post-treatment in order to guarantee the durability of the print.

Questions about printing on plastic parts?

Example printing on plastic part

SeitzDruck has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and concentrates on pad  printing and hot foil stamping. At the same time, we offer our customers comprehensive project management services that accompany them throughout the entire life cycle of a project, from the generation of ideas to prototype and series production, right through to the complete completion of a project. Our expertise will help you to choose the best plastic for your printability. Unnecessary difficulties and excessive costs can thus be ruled out from the outset.


With our modern and state-of-the-art machinery, we meet even the most demanding specifications of our customers. Whether you are planning a small or large series - we can finish your product with 1- to 6-colour printing and can perfectly implement photorealistic motifs in 4c. Of course, we also have the right machines for professional pretreatment and post-treatment of all printed plastic parts.

Example of filigree printing on plastic parts

Your advantages

When designing the budget for your next project, you should keep in mind that direct printing on plastic parts is often cheaper than the production and application of labels and stickers. But that's just a weighty argument. With our pad printing and a precisely fitting hot foil embossing you receive products with a look and feel that cannot be achieved by stickers. After all, you not only have very good products to sell, but also to maintain your very good image. Quality is always the first step on the way to success.


Possibilities of printing on plastic parts

We encounter complete products and individual plastic components in everyday life at every turn - in vehicles, household appliances, computers, smartphones, in the form of switches, knobs, housings and operating elements in numerous variations. The wide range of applications means that these plastics have to be labeled or marked with specific signs explaining their function. Modern processes for this purpose are the finishing techniques tampon printing, screen printing and hot foil stamping.

Leave the printing of your plastics to the experts

With our long experience and knowledge, we can recommend the most suitable material for each project. Our project and quality management ensures that all processes are carried out reliably, from the choice of the right colour, preparatory work on the workpieces as well as safe post-treatment, packaging, dispatch, etc. All processes are carried out reliably. For example, the repeatability of the pressure level has a maximum deviation of ± 0.2 mm. We produce double prints without any speed cameras or a "blur" of the printed image. With our modern pad printing machines we can produce even sharp contours and smallest motifs on your product. An additional hot foil embossing process allows for noble, metallic glossy effects, which can be produced at a significantly lower cost than, for example, with galvanisation.

Take a look at our references to see what possibilities today's plastic printing offers. We will then be happy to advise you on your specific products and your individual questions around the topic.